I see the world around me as a limitless canvas. My photographs are a considered fusion of the contemporary and the classical, influenced by the likes of Art Wolfe, Ansel Adams and Claude Monet. Using colour, light, shape and form, my images are created with an inherent aesthetic of simplicity to portray the splendor of the natural world.

I use my camera as a vehicle to convey my fascination with our ever-changing natural surroundings. I am interested in the transitory qualities of nature and how they can be likened to those of a thought process, continually in motion. Inspired by the concept of capturing both my thoughts and the dynamics of nature in the static form of a landscape photograph, I am in essence stripping these elements of their individual fluidity, representing them together within the constraints of a frame.

Taking a very literal approach to the creation of my images, I avoid any major retouching or modification. By restricting my technique in this way, I can encapsulate my memories and experiences within a photograph, while still allowing the natural beauty of the landscape to speak for itself, taking precedence over all personal aspects of the image.